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Priority One Safe-T, LLC is an emergency response company created by a professional responder and focuses solely on industrial emergency response training, Industrial emergency response standby and emergency response consulting. At Priority One Safe-T, LLC we are professional responders comprised of current and retired first responders (Firefighters, Law Enforcement, and Military). We have been teaching industrial emergency response for over 20 years. Emergency Response training and stand by rescue services are not a sideline business for us it is the only thing we do.

We offer the following training:

  • Confined Space Rescue
  • High Angle Rope Rescue
  • Hazardous Materials Technician (HAZWOPER)
  • Fall Protection and Fall Protection Rescue
  • Tower Rescue
  • Bucket Truck Rescue
  • Incident Command/NIMS
  • And many other classes

Before you train, we look at your company’s emergency response plans, chemical data sheets, confined space procedures, and permits and any other pertinent documentation so that we can teach your teams the skills needed but also how to work within your company’s specific response procedures. Once students are taught the skills, they put those skills to work in rescue scenarios that combine skills learned with critical thinking. When the students perform scenarios, they make the assignments and troubleshoot through the emergency so that when done they learn from their mistakes and from their successes. Scenario’s start out easy and progressively get more difficult. After each scenario, the students perform an instructor-led debrief on each scenario in order to learn and improve and prepare for the next scenario.

Hazmat Response Teams in the Midwest

At Priority One Safe-T, LLC it is not about simply receiving a certification it is about being a competent responder.  

Tower Rescue Training Drill and Rappelling

Priority One Safe-T, LLC partnered with Northeast Technology and together built a state-of-the-art Rescue Training Center in Pryor Oklahoma about a 20-minute drive from the Tulsa Oklahoma airport and centrally located so that it is easy to get to from either coast and from the northern and southern states.

The Rescue Training Center features a 6 story rope rescue, confined space rescue, fall protection rescue training structure. Our training structure is unique in that it is fully customizable so that we can change it up every time your emergency response team comes back so it is never the same. You won’t hear “I remember how to do this from last time we were here”. By changing up the training students have to think outside the box and use those critical thinking skills that will make them a better more capable responder to think through emergencies in your facility. The 6 story structure has also been designed for quick setup and tear down so that students constantly engaged.

The Rescue Training Center also has state of the art spill, leak, and release props for Hazardous Materials Technician training. The RTC has industrial style pipe leak prop, Fixed tank leak props, Rail dome leaks, and many other props that challenge the students to think and how to work in Level A and Level B suits. Not all hazmat incidents happen at ground level many of the leak props can be put onto the Rescue Tower so that students have to climb stairs and open doors. The rescue tower has full electric power so that we simulate a vapor inside the containers to give responders a feel for what it would feel like in a real visible vapor environment and challenge them to work in limited visibility in their HazMat suits.

Our instructors are all active or retired first responders with real-world experience. All instructors go through a train the trainer program that focuses on how industrial emergency response teams work. At Priority One Safe-T, LLC you are not going to get a class from a firefighter that only teaches how the fire department does it. Our classes are for industrial emergency response teams and we teach to the OSHA and NFPA standards and how to respond with limited staffing and meet the standards so your team can respond safely to emergencies in your facility.

RescueGearPro safety Instructors

Rescue Standby Services. 

Priority One Safe-T, LLC provides professional experienced responders to staff Outages, Turnarounds, and Shutdowns. Our staff is comprised of active or retired Firefighters, Law Enforcement and Military responders with real-world experience. It takes actual response experience to be able to calm a chaotic scene in an industrial facility when a worker is injured or hurt or trapped in a confined space to take control of the situation and calm those workers who are worried about their co-worker. No amount of training can substitute for real-world experience which our responders have. Our responders are trained to respond to medical issues, confined space rescues, high angle rescues, fall protection rescue, hazardous materials spills and releases and more.

We provide an emergency response trailer with a first aid bay and command post. We provide fully equipped Emergency Response Vehicles (ERV) so that we can respond anywhere in the plant at a moments notice. In addition to the ERV’s Priority One Safe-T, LLC responders are on foot patrolling the plant assisting the safety department with safety violations and making contact with contractors so that they know we are there for them in the event of an emergency. Priority One Safe-T, LLC responders do not just sit in the trailer or response truck all shift, they are proactive with ERV’s and foot patrols to ensure the safety and provide timely response in the event of an emergency.

Don’t be fooled by imposters. 

Priority One Safe-T, LLC providing “Real Responders for Real Emergencies”